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The Mai-Wel Group offers creative and responsive services that provide opportunity and choice to people with a disability or disadvantage. Mai-Wel aims to be the leader of innovative and quality businesses and services which facilitate access, integration and opportunity for all.

Mai-Wel Enterprises (formerly known individually as Time Savers, PACESetters and Enterprise Centre) is an Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) providing a variety of products and services including timber products, printing, promotional goods, assembly and packaging services, light engineering products and recycling services for paper and textiles. ADE customers include commercial, industrial, public authorities and community customers. In addition, the organisation provides support services for people with a disability in areas such as residential living and outreach support, day programs, community access, job search and employment.

The nature of the organisation’s activities place particular emphasis on excellence in service and product areas, with a strong focus on clients, customers, staff and community, safety and innovation, environmental sustainability and continual improvement of our management processes. Mai-Wel is committed to providing services and products in a manner that conforms to legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements and a commitment to using ecologically sustainable environmental management practices. Mai-Wel is committed to delivery of services while upholding company standards which are based on sound and accepted techniques.

Mai-Wel’s commitment to quality and environmental sustainability is demonstrated by ongoing:

  • Integration and maintenance of Quality Management Systems (AS/NZS ISO 9001) for all aspects of the organisation’s activities, which comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable Standards, Legislative and Regulatory requirements, organisational policies/guidelines and contract specifications.
  • Identifying, assessing and monitoring each workplace and activity in terms of achieving Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management requirements
  • Evaluation and assessment of service and program goals to ensure continual improvement in support of the goal of providing opportunity and choice to people with a disability
  • Minimising and, where possible and eliminating any environmental impacts on the surrounding community including flora, fauna and amenity impacts and the generation of waste materials, whilst adopting a reduce, recycle philosophy.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination or minimisation of workplace related incidents, injury and illness and environmental impacts, including pollution.
  • Consultation with Statutory Authorities, clients and individuals on appropriate Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management performance standards and adoption of site practices and processes which comply with these standards thereby reducing any potential adverse impacts.

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The Mai-Wel Group is one of the larger Disability Service Providers in the Lower Hunter Region, providing services and programs to more than 800 clients across nine Local Government Areas.

The Mai-Wel Group employs more than 170 local support and administrative staff in addition to 110 local supported employees. The ethos of The Mai-Wel Group carries throughout the organisation from management and staff, and on to clients.

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