Mai-Wel artists exibit at Maitland Aroma Festival

Artists from Mai-Wel's community inclusive Arts4All will be exhibiting their work at the upcoming Maitland Aroma Festival. 

Contributing Artists include: Briety Dorahy, Chantel Trent, Sam O’Grady, Melissa McLennan, Emma Casey, Dianne Melrose, Sue Kiem, Francine Sauvage, Amanda Dilley

Above: Artist Briety Dorahy

To create the art works firstly, pictures of Maitland were taken by budding photographer Matthew Cullen before being transferred onto canvas in the shape of coffee beans. Coffee grind was then recycled from local café Temple Bar to use on canvas by artists that attend community inclusive Arts4All class at Mai-Wel.


The coffee created a visually engaging piece that played with technique and textural interest and certainly has a distinct ‘aroma’. The artwork was created by dripping and manipulating wet pools of coffee with teaspoons, through mark making using coffee cups and teaspoons.Finally a layer of white acrylic was applied to find windows of visual and textural interest in bubble shapes taking inspiration from frothy milk on cappuccinos.


Heading to the Maitland Aroma Festival? Don't miss seeing these fabulous works, if you can't make it they will be displayed on the walls of the Temple Bar after the event. 

Full event details here 

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