Jean Kittson Q&A- Annual Celebrity Comedy Debate


With less than a month until The Mai-Wel Group’s Annual Celebrity Comedy Debate we touched base with Jean Kittson to see how she is preparing for the big night!

1.      Jean, we’re really excited to have you on board as Affirmative Team Captain for this year’s Mai-Wel Celebrity Comedy Debate, arguing that ‘Artificial Intelligence is our friend’. We’re all preparing for a night of laughs! Was there a particular moment in your life where you realised comedy was for you?

When I got my first laugh at the Last Laugh in Melbourne I thought “I’d like to hear that again.”

2.      You have debated in the Comedy Debate a number of times, do you think this gives your team an advantage?

Not at all, it simply means I know how ruthless the audience can be and how hard the teams will have to work to win, especially given that Comedy Debates have fairly elastic rules compared to, say, High Court proceedings. On the other hand, I do know my way to the bar, so that will help our intensive preparation.  

3.      How are you preparing for the Annual Comedy Debate? What’s your game plan?

If I told you our game plan it would defeat the purpose of a game plan. What I can tell you is that we plan to all be there, on the night, roughly at the same time, and hopefully with a 50% chance of arguing for the right side.

4.      Does Artificial intelligence play a part in your day-to-day life? Would you trust something like a driverless car?

Is predictive text Artificial Intelligence or AS. Artificial Stupidity? Why does it keep changing ‘so much’ to ‘douche’? As in, love you douche. Miss you douche. You are in my thoughts douche. We need to catch up douche. Until there are further advances, I would not trust a driverless vacuum cleaner.  

5.      What should our guests expect from you and your team on the night of the Comedy Debate? Are there any surprises we should look forward to?

Yes, we will surprise everyone including ourselves if we have a cohesive argument. I have just read the bios of my teammates and I am already surprised. We will probably debate as a team like the Swans are presently playing football as a team. Like we have never met before. Which in our case will be true.

6.      One last question for you – can you tell us your all-time favourite joke? It doesn’t have to be your own!

No. Every day contains the possibility of a joke I haven’t heard before, and I wonder if I can safely repeat it.

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