Jeff Green Q&A- Annual Celebrity Comedy Debate


With less than a month until The Mai-Wel Group’s Annual Celebrity Comedy Debate we touched base with Jeff Green to see how she is preparing for the big night!

1.      Jeff, we’re really excited to have you on board as Negative Team Captain for this year’s Mai-Wel Celebrity Comedy Debate, arguing that ‘Artificial Intelligence is our foe’. We’re all preparing for a night of laughs! Was there a particular moment in your life where you realised stand-up comedy was for you?

I’m excited to be a part of the event. By the way, these answers were written using a machine learning algorithm so I am not responsible for their content. I was a student officer at University and realised very quickly that a funny speech was much more likely to get results than a po-faced diatribe. And I enjoyed hearing the laughs. So when I went to the Comedy store in London in 1987 and saw people talking funny for a living I knew I’d found my job!    

2.      How are you preparing for the Annual Comedy Debate? What’s your game plan?

Understanding the topic of AI is vital to creating my own strategy and anticipating the other teams potential arguments. This involves A LOT of reading around the subject. I feel I could be an AI expert – and thus know better why we absolutely should fear it. The game plan is to entertain, educate, terrify and win!    

3.      You have been to Maitland before, what stands out about Maitland to you?

This will be my second time visiting Maitland. I was struck by it’s beautiful and historic buildings. I was not expecting such grand, old and picturesque architecture and promised to bring my family back to explore further. The warmth, intelligence and excellent sense of humour of the locals is a delight – and they clearly will be alert to the present and future dangers of AI and I expect will support anyone speaking against this new evil.  

4.      Does Artificial intelligence play a part in your day-to-day life? Would you trust something like a driverless car?

Unfortunately AI is insinuating itself into every aspect of our lives, in many ways for good like processing cancer drugs and crunching medical data, others for mischief like bombarding me with ads for headphones because I foolishly clicked on some banner and some nefarious – which probably don’t bear thinking about. Would I sit in a moving driverless car? Yes. Could I go to sleep in one. Hell no.  

5.      What should our guests expect from you and your team on the night of the Comedy Debate? Are there any surprises we should look forward to?

We intend to offer a reasoned and informed argument against AI whilst demolishing the flimsy case that the other team will no doubt present. As for surprises, well lets keep them as surprises.    

6.      One last question for you – can you tell us you’re all-time favourite joke? It doesn’t have to be your own!

How about a joke written by AI?: What do you call a cat does it take to screw in a light bulb? They could worry the banana. Yes, it’s terrible. Is this the unfunny future you want? I thought not.    

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